Ford Maverick Defroster for Rear Window

Ford Maverick Rear Window Defroster

Back Window Defroster for Ford Maverick XL/XLT

The XL and XLT Models of the Ford Maverick do not have an option for a rear window defroster.  The ClearView 1208-MAV has been developed to address this need and is available for DIY or professional installation.

ClearView Pickup Truck defrosters provide factory defroster performance with an attractive finished look. Because trucks have glass that is relatively easy to access installing the Clear View defroster is easy.  DIYers can install the system easily in 1-2 hours delivering a professional looking and highly effective defroster system.

Download the pickup truck product information at the link above.

Defrosters for Ford Maverick Rear Windows

ClearView defrosters are Manufactured in Golden, CO and engineered and tested under rugged winter conditions and reliably melt snow and ice and demist the glass under the harshest of conditions.  The 1208-MAV kit includes defroster elements on pre spaced rolls for perfect alignment and can be trimmed to the window for a custom fit.  The heating elements bond directly to the glass and are similar to the look of factory installed defrosters.

Clear View defroster elements go on window

The defroster is connected electrically to power and ground through the Clear View side buss bars and the supplied wire harness and connectors are used to connect the defroster to the Thermasync Control which mounts under the front dash panel.  The 1208-MAV kit includes color coded connectors, fuses, led indicator light switch and all necessary installation accessories for a one-stop installation.

Actual installation of ClearView Defroster on Ford Maverick

Rear Window Defroster Grid

Truck rear window defrosters, aftermarket, factory performance

Layout of the Clear View 1208-MAV Truck Defroster

Clear View defrosters will not work on slider windows.  

Stick Kits now available

When the factory wiring is installed but a defroster is not on the back glass, or the glass has been broken and needs to be replaced, then the Clear View Stick Kit defroster is the solution. Stick Kits include everything that sticks to the glass including the heating elements and side buss bars for connection to existing defroster wiring.

Pickup Truck Rear Window Defroster – 10.00 in height

1208-MAV Ford Maverick Pickup Truck Rear Window Defroster - Complete

Easy to install rear window defroster for Ford Maverick pickups

This pickup truck rear window defroster kit includes 8 grid lines measuring 8-3/4 inches in height. Minimum length is 34 inches, maximum 50, trimmed during installation. Connection tabs are on the right side. Complete pickup truck rear window defroster kit includes 2712 ThermaSync defroster control, switch, wire harness, and installation pack. This kit is ready to install. Ideal for new installations. 12 Volts, 100% modulation.

1208-MAV Ford Maverick Truck Rear Window Defroster - $100.8

Whats Included : ThermaSync 2712 control, switch, wire harness and installation pack. Twenty minute timer, 12 Volts, 100% modulation

1208-MAV-STK Truck Rear Window Defroster – Stick Kit

Stick Kit includes the defroster ONLY which can be connected to existing defroster wiring. Ideal for trucks which have factory installed defroster wiring but no defroster on the back glass or the back glass has been broken and needs replacing. 12 Volts, 100% modulation.

1208-MAV-STK-STK Clear View Defroster, Stick Kit - $59.55

1208-MAV-SLIDER Maverick 2-Piece Truck Rear Window Defroster

Clear View II Defrosters make it easy to install high quality defrosters on Maverick rear windows.. 12 Volts, 100% modulation.

1208-MAV-STK-STK Clear View Defroster, Complete - $127.7

Defroster Accessories

Defroster controls with smarts

Clear View defrosters use 2812 ThermaSync controls which provide several options including operation of multiple defrosters with a single switch plus a range of automatic timing options from ten minutes to continuous operation. ThermaSync 2812/2824 controls are compatible with the Switch Boss which allows several defrosters to operate from a single switch.

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ThermaSync Deforster Control


Defrosters only require two electrical connections (positive and ground) which are made using the tabs integral to the defrosters side buss bars. The defroster control is easy to connect using the supplied wire harness. All defrosters include the ThermaSync timer controls, defroster activation switch, wire harness and installation pack for easy installation.


All Clear View defrosters come with a set of general instructions and attachment detailing the exact defroster being installed. Fully illustrated easy step-by-step layout helps speed installation.

Defroster installation and wire harness

Installation, everything is included

Delivered ready to install, Clear View II Defrosters include the ThermaSync control, defroster switch and installation pack including wiring harness, under dash mount, fuse, fuse holder, mounting screws, connectors and other installation accessories.

The installation pack make it easy to go from zero to full rear window defroster coverage in a few easy steps.

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