Doctor Defroster Video Series

How-to videos showing how to repair or replace rear window defrosters.

Rear window defrosters break. Things happen. Scratch the grid or snap off a tab and you can pay hundreds of dollars for a new rear window or struggle with a less than perfect defroster repair – but why?

We offer solutions to every rear window defroster repair challenge.

In the Doctor Defroster Video Series the Doc shares his years of experience with troubleshooting and repairing defrosters including tips and tricks for using Frost Fighter and Clear View kits.

These helpful videos show you how to repair rear window defroster damage and save expensive glass replacement. It is really EASY!

Doctor Defroster: Defroster Repair Video Series

Frost Fighter Defroster Product Line Overview

Frost Fighter offers a wide range of defroster repair and replacement solutions. This video is a quick introduction to the Frost Fighter and Clear View defroster repair and replacement options. See the Frost Fighter Catalog

Defroster Tab Repair, bonding separated defroster tabs on rear window

Use the Frost Fighter Defroster Tab Bonding Kit to re-attach and repair broken or separated defroster tabs on the rear window. Located along the edges of the back window these metal tabs  can separate from the defroster and are a common reason for defroster failure. This video show how to fix this damage, save on expensive glass replacement and be back on the road in no time. More on Defroster Tab Bonding and repair…

Defroster Grid Testing, test for grid damage on rear window defrosters

Test the rear window defroster grid to locate damage on the fine horizontal grid elements using a multi-meter or a simple 12 volt test lamp. Includes simple step-by-step white board illustrations and shows the steps needed to test and troubleshooting with an actual defroster to save the cost of glass replacement. More on Defroster Grid Testing

Defroster Grid Repair, repair damaged defroster grids on rear window defrosters

Find and fix damaged defroster grids on the rear window using the Frost Fighter Defroster Gird repair kit. In this video grid damage is shown using infrared imagery which makes it easy to see what happens when defrosters grids are damaged. See how to to use the Grid Repair Kit to fix a broken grid and save the expense of glass replacement. More on Defroster Grid repair

How to Install Clear View Defrosters to a Truck Cap

A how-to video guide demonstrating how to install a Clear View defroster to a truck cap topper.

How Our Clear View Wiper Area Defrosters Work

Clear View aftermarket defroster kits are specifically designed to defrost the snow and ice that accumulate under the wipers and side of the windshield. Clear View defrosters are cost-effective and easy to install. They include the defrosting grids, wire harness, electronic controls, and a switch for a complete install solution. The kits are specially designed with high-density grid spacing to maximize heat output for the hard-to-reach areas under the wipers. Available in single or split-windshield designs.

Satisfied Customer Videos

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