ReMov Kit


frost fighter remov kit
frost fighter remov kit

The Frost Fighter Adhesive Removal Kit is designed to assist in removing items stuck to glass, general clean up, and removing any adhesive that cures “soft” including VHB tape, silicone, tape, gum etc.

Removing tinting, or redoing the ClearView defroster products that stick on the window can be safely removed using the items in our kit.

The kit includes a 4 oz spray bottle of ReMov, a safe and non-staining liquid that debonds the adhesives from the surface, 3 plastic razor blades to safely assist in removing the items from the glass, a mini-scraper and a useful tooling stick to help start the process of removing the stuck-on items. ReMov works by gravity. It debonds the sticky adhesive from the surface and retains the adhesive on the item being pulled away. After drying you generally can restick the item that has been removed if needed. The ReMov will also clean the surface so the adhesive can be adhered to the surface again. The various scrapers assist in keeping the interface of the adhesive and material coated with the ReMov and constant action to place the ReMov liquid on the interface and using the scrapers will speed up the process of removal. ReMov is safe to use on almost all surfaces, drys without leaving a watermark and is safe to use with standard precautions for sealant removers.