Ordering the right Clear View defroster is EASY!

The any vehicle, any window, anytime defrosters

Four easy steps to find the perfect defroster
Clear View II Defrosters match the heating performance of factory installed rear window defrosters melting snow and ice in minutes. Cost effective and easy to install new Clear View defrosters are available in hundreds of sizes in 12 or 24 volt. More on Clear View Defrosters…

Follow the steps below to select the perfect Clear View II defroster for your window.


Determine Defroster Area

Take a good look at the window to establish the defroster area. The defroster area should have about 1.5 inches (4cm) clearance from the edges of the window on all sides.

The elements do not need to completely fill the window to be effective.

Defroster Area


Measure the Defroster Area

Measure the defroster area in height and length. Accuracy counts in this step.

Example: This defroster area is 19 inches (48cm) in height (top/bottom) and 47 inches (119cm) in length (left/right).

Measure vertical distance


Select the defroster height from the guide below

Click the defroster height that is the same or less  (top-to-bottom) than what was measured in Step 2.

Example: The defroster height is 19 inches (48cm) so select a defroster height 19 inches or less from the guide below. All the Clear View defrosters available in this height will be shown. 


Select the defroster length

Once you have the right height choose a defroster length that can be trimmed to length for a custom fit.

Example: The defroster area length is 47 inches (119cm) so select a defroster with a minimum length shorter and a maximum length longer than 47 inches.

How to choose a Clear View defroster

Ordering Tips! Accurately measure the defroster area. The defroster height (top-to-bottom) is fixed by the number of grid lines and cannot be changed. The defroster length (side-to-side) is trimmed to size within the defroster’s maximum and minimum length during installation.

The 2609, 2612 and 2616 defrosters are available. See the Clear View Legacy Defrosters.

Select Defroster Height

Click the height of the defroster based on window measurement

Defroster HeightcmSeriesVoltage
3.00 in (7.6)120212
2.56 in (6.5)120212
3.75 in(9.5)120312
5.00 in (12.7)120412
6.25 in (15.8)120512
7.50 in(19.0)120612
8.75 in(22.2)120712
10.00 in (25.4)120812
11.25 in(28.5)120912
12.50 in(31.7)121012
13.75 in(34.9)121112
15.00 in(38.1)121212
16.25 in(41.3)121312
17.50 in(44.4)121412
18.75 in(47.6)121512
20.00 in(50.8)121612
22.50 in(57.1)121812
25.00 in (63.5)122012
26.25 in (66.7)122112
27.50 in(69.9)122212
30.00 in(76.2)122412
31.25 in(79.4)122512
35.00 in(88.9)122812