Clear View II defroster sizes

Are you having issues with your vehicle window defrosters? Is your view fogging up and making your drive dangerous? This is actually a common issue in a number of vehicles from everyday cars to snowplows and crane control boxes. You don’t need an expensive bill from the mechanic to fix your problems, though. Frost Fighter’s defoggers are the best on the market.

Front Window Defrosters

Your vehicle’s front defroster is typically controlled through the heating and ventilation system. In everyday cars and trucks, windshield defrosters blow air from the heating and ventilation system onto the windshield through vents at the forward edge of the dashboard.

Most vehicles on the market have a setting that directs all air to the windshield for maximum defrosting for a quick fix in the car. There is typically another option for splitting the air between the windshield and floor level.

During the winter, using the defrost mode with a hot temperature setting accomplishes two things: The hot, dry air defogs the windshield and melts frost and snow, making it easier to scrape the windshield and preventing ice from forming while driving.

Rear Window Defrosters

So, is it any different in the back of the car? Yes, actually. The rear defroster mechanism is powered by electricity. Turning it on activates a grid of wires, visible as thin lines on the inside of the glass. This grid of window defroster wires heats the rear window to defog the glass and melt frost, snow, and ice.

Most rear defrosters operate on a timer that automatically shuts the defroster off after 10 minutes or so. On vehicles equipped with heated outside mirrors, turning on the rear defroster also will activate the mirror heaters.

Frost Fighter

Clear View II Electric Defrosters make it easy to install high quality rear defrosters with factory heating performance and appearance in 12 and 24 volt. Clear View II defrosters reliably melt snow and ice even in the coldest conditions and provide full rear window coverage with an attractive factory look. This product is now available in hundreds of sizes from 10 inches up to 60 inches to fit every window.

Frost Fighter’s Defrosters

Selecting the perfect defroster is easy. Measure the defroster area and choose a defroster that fits. We have an easy to follow Clear View Defroster Selector and our customer service representatives are always ready to help.