How to DIY Your Rear Defroster Repair

When your rear window defroster grid lines stop working, you may feel a bit of panic and dread. How much does rear defroster repair cost? Now I have to make a trip in to see a mechanic. What a pain. These fine horizontal heating elements on defrosters can be easily damaged by a single scratch or multiple breaks of the heating elements. If yours aren’t working properly, you’re not alone.

Repairs are made by masking off and painting the Frost Fighter grid repair conductor over the damaged area. The conductor bonds aggressively, dries quickly and is color matched for invisible repairs.

Rear Defroster Repair Kit

When you order your rear defroster from Frost Fighter, you’ll be able to skip the trip to the mechanic and get your rear window defogger back up and running in 3 very simple steps.

Each rear defroster repair kit has 5 grams of repair conductor for up to 35 total inches of repairs using the recommended two coats. This quantity of material allows multiple repairs from a single kit.

Step 1:

The first step in repairing this type of damage is to locate the break by visual inspection. The smallest break or crack can cause the defroster to fail.

Now take readings at various places along the horizontal lines of the grid to isolate the break.

When the probes pass over the break, the reading will change sharply.

Step 2:

Use the tape to precisely mask off the damaged area of the defroster. There may be more than one break in the grid so locate all the damage before proceeding.

After the damaged areas have been located and masked, apply the repair material using the cap brush.

Step 3:

Allow the conductive repair coating to dry for ten minutes at temperatures above 70F (21C) degrees. If the temperature is below this use a heat source to warm the repair area for the ten minutes needed.

Now turn on the defroster. The heat from the defroster cures the repair in about 10 minutes. The defroster can be used at this point.

Rear defroster repair is an easy repair you can do yourself and save the high cost of glass replacement. If you’re experiencing visibility or fog issues in any kind of vehicle, our friendly staff is available to answer your defroster questions. Reach out to the Frost Fighter team today.