Defrosters for Vintage Cars

Have you been in your vehicle when it’s cold out and suddenly you can’t see through your windshield? That’s a time you’d reach for your defroster button. If for whatever reason your defroster is defective or broken, you’ll experience ice, frost, mist, or fog on the windshield. An obvious issue for any driver.

Clear View is one of the best performing tools on the market, and our customers have extended its use to defrosting windows in classic cars. Here’s how they work.


Clear View II Defrosters make it easy to install high quality rear defrosters with factory heating performance and appearance in 12 and 24 volt. Given that they are available in hundreds of sizes, from 10 inches up to 60 inches, they fit every window. Thus, they’ve been used in dozens of unexpected applications, including as defrosters for vintage cars.

Each Frost Fighter Clear View kit includes strong self-adhesive heating elements on pre-spaced rolls for easy and accurate installation. These grid lines bond directly to the rear window and are color matched for that factory look with an unobstructed view. If you’re fixing up a classic car, these will keep the integrity of the vehicle intact.

Each Clear View defroster comes complete with all the components needed to install a factory quality rear window defroster including fully illustrated instructions.

How Defrosters for Vintage Cars Work

Clear View defrosters use fine heating elements that bond directly to the surface to be defrosted. These horizontal elements connect to the Clear View vertical side buss bars which have integral tabs for power and ground.

Clear View self-adhesive heating elements come on pre-spaced rolls for easy and accurate application. These heating elements match the color of factory defrosters and adhere directly to the glass or plexiglass.

The elements are simply trimmed to size between the defrosters minimum and maximum lengths for a custom fit during installation.

Defrosters for Any Application

If you’re experiencing visibility or fog issues in any kind of vehicle, our friendly staff is available to answer your defroster questions. Reach out to the Frost Fighter team today!