Defogging Oil Rig Control Towers

As the industries using Clear View II multiply, our team at Frost Fighter is seeing applications in some unexpected places – like defogging oil rig control towers and defogging electrical items like lights.

The temperature and the air’s moisture content often lead to foggy windows in various vehicles, machines, and tools. That’s where Clear View comes in. Basically, anything that can collect condensation could have issues with fog. Here’s how the tourism and oil industries have adopted Clear View.

Defogging Niagara Falls Spotlights

Beautiful Niagara Falls straddles the Canadian border in New York State, and, as any local will tell you, they experience major temperature fluctuations. Tourists take in a view of all three waterfalls into the sunset hours. For those visiting at night, the views are lit up by spotlights.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the placement in the falls, condensation build up on the lights isn’t uncommon. These lights were being dimmed by the fog and ice and tourists weren’t able to experience Niagara Falls to the fullest. It became a necessity for the tourism team to find a solution.

Clear View II was applied to the plexiglass and plastic elements of the spotlights to provide the heat needed to clear the surface of snow, ice, and condensation.

The defroster grid is engineered to have an electrical resistance. The heating is accomplished through contact between the defroster elements and the window.

Now, the spotlights shine bright all season long.

Defogging Oil Rig Control Towers

Oil rigs are a dangerous place to be, and operating machinery on an oil rig is even more dangerous. Between fire and explosions, workers need to avoid mishaps where they can.

Clear View has been used in defogging oil rig towers for years now. Most control towers house production operations, and since these rigs are exposed to elements like ocean spray, rain, wind, and snow, the control towers experience condensation just like the windshield of a vehicle. And much like car windshields, oil rig control tower windows’ condensation and fogging problems can be solved with Clear View defrosters.

Clear View self-adhesive heating elements come on pre-spaced rolls for easy and accurate application to any surface. There’s really no limit to the functions of this all-in-one defroster solution.

Frost Fighter Team

If you experience visibility or fog issues in any industry, our friendly staff is available to answer your defroster questions. Reach out to the Frost Fighter team today. Our Clear View defrosters are applied to new, unique surfaces every day.