Clear View II – Defrosters made easy

Easy to install aftermarket defrosters now available in new sizes. Clear View II Electric Defrosters make it easy to install high quality rear defrosters with factory heating performance and appearance in 12 and 24 volt.

Clear View II defrosters reliably melt snow and ice even in the coldest conditions and provide full rear window coverage with an attractive factory look.

The Fix to All Semi-Truck Window Fog Issues

semi-truck defroster

If you have any issues when it comes to visibility in your semi-truck, Clear View is the solution.

Clear View are the go-anywhere defrosters ready to install on any window, on any vehicle, anytime.  Available complete,

Clear View defoggers include the automatic timer and switch, wire harness and installation kit perfect for new defroster installations.

The defroster elements come on pre-spaced rolls for accurate application to the window. The elements can be trimmed between the minimum and maximum lengths for a custom installation and are similar in color to factory defrosters for a professional finished look.

Clear View defrosters can be used on any glass or plexiglass window or surface.

Clear View self-adhesive heating elements come on pre-spaced rolls for easy and accurate application. These heating elements match the color of factory defrosters and adhere directly to the glass or plexiglass.

Clear View defrosters trimmed to sizeThe elements are simply trimmed to size between the defrosters minimum and maximum lengths for a custom fit during installation. There is no plastic backing left on the window to crack or yellow.

The defroster is connected electrically through the buss bar tabs to the vehicles power and ground, then activated with the automatic ThermaSync defroster control.

Semi-Truck Window Defrosters

Clear View Defrosters reliably melt snow and ice even in the coldest winter conditions. The defroster elements come on pre spaced rolls for perfect alignment and trimmed to the window size for a custom fit. The heating elements bond aggressively to the glass and are similar in color to factory elements.

The defroster is connected electrically to power and ground through the Clear View side buss bars. The defrosters have an electrical resistance which when powered results in heating performance similar to factory rear defrost. These lines are slightly closer together on a semi-truck versus other vehicles and require a specific electrical formation.

Made right here in Colorado where we know winter, Clear View defrosters come as complete ready to install units including our ThermaSync defroster timer control and activation switch with defroster symbol and indicator light. The defroster switch can be mounted remotely from the control in the dash or using the under-dash mount included with the unit.

A full wire harness with the color-coded connectors and installation pack with fuse make it easy to install.

Ordering the right defroster is EASY!

Selecting the perfect defroster is easy. Measure the defroster area and choose a defroster that fits. We have an easy to follow Clear View Defroster Selector.

To order see the Clear View Defroster Selector.