Defrosting Windshields in Tractor Cabs

If you use a vehicle in for work, you know that a foggy windshield can inhibit functionality and make it nearly impossible to get the job done properly and efficiently. Defrosting windshields in tractor cabs is important to ensure the operator and those around them are safe.

Tractor Cab Fogging

Condensation happens on the windshield because of the high humidity inside the vehicle, and the fogging is because of the temperature outside is colder than inside your vehicle. Think of how moisture that gathers on the outside of your drink, this is the same scenario. Many tractor operators will experience this issue during colder months of the year, adding a completely new hurdle to an already complicated weather situation.

Windshield fogging is caused by condensation on the inner surface of the windshield, and not the outside. So, wiping down the outside is useless. In order to fix the problem, you’ll need a professional-grade defroster.

Windshields in Tractor Cabs

The fastest way to take care of foggy windows is to turn your A/C up and make the inside of your vehicle colder than the outside temperature. Of course, this isn’t an option in a tractor.

Clear View II Front Wiper Defrosters provide enhanced defroster performance along the bottom of the windshield in the wiper parking area to cut snow and ice buildup and keep wipers moving even in the most difficult winter conditions. Defrosting windshields in tractor cabs will clear the mist and improve visibility. What’s more, the Clear View defroster is simple to install on pretty much any surface. The defroster elements come on pre-spaced rolls for accurate application to the window. The elements can be trimmed between the minimum and maximum lengths for a custom installation and are similar in color to factory defrosters for a professional finished look.

Clear View

If you’re experiencing visibility or fog issues in any kind of vehicle, our friendly staff is available to answer your defroster questions. Reach out to the Frost Fighter team today.