Rear Window Defroster Repair Solutions

Rear Defroster Tab Bonding Kit

Silver makes the difference

This best seller bonds defroster tabs to rear defrosters. The conductive silver adhesive bonds aggressively forming the electrical and structural connection in one simple operation. Designed for reliable high amperage defroster tab bonding.

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2000 Tab Bonding Kit - NEW

Experts Rear Defroster Solder Kit

Solder tabs to defroster

Frost Fighter Solder Kit is a solder paste used to re-solder separated main power tabs to automotive rear window defrosters. The high metals solder paste melts quickly when heat is applied. This kit requires special tools and expertise.

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2010 Experts Solder Kit

Rear Defroster Grid Repair Kit

Color matched, conductive

Repair damaged defroster lines. Mask off the damaged grid line and apply the conductive coating. The new silver filled coating bonds aggressively, flash cures and is color matched for invisible repairs. Kit will do several long repairs up to four inches and includes cap brush for easy application.

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2120 Grid Repair Kit - NEW

Rear Defroster Combination Pack

Discount on Tab/Grid Kits

The Tab and Grid defroster repair kits combined are ideal for tackling big defroster repairs with damaged grids and broken tabs. Includes full instructions, masking tape, sand paper, mixing sticks, and mixing pads.

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2200 Combination Pack

Rear Defroster Grid Test Lamp

Find/fix defroster trouble

Test rear window defrosters and identify broken defroster grids. The 12 volt test lamp is easier to use than a volt meter and comes with two long wire leads one with a tab clip and the other with soft probe end. Test the circuit and locate hard to find defroster breaks. Comes with full instructions.

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2400 Defroster Test Lamp

Loctite Combination Pack

312 Adhesive, 736 Primer

Structural Adhesive is an ultra fast setting, two step acrylic, no mixing required, amber adhesive. 312 has a very low viscosity and should be used in conjunction with LOCTITE Primer 736™ to create a tough durable bond on close fitting parts. The 03333 kit is good for wire tacking on defrosters.

1900 Loctite Combination